Caring for your Jeans

Contrary to popular belief a great pair of jeans requires very little washing. You've spent the time

 making them unique to your body, creating the lines and creases that are only yours; why throw

 that away in a washing turbo cycle.  But with that in mind...Wash first or you will be a blue man and 

so will your shoes and shirt... The indigo comes off a little at first...Of course blue is always cool!!!!

 I say SMURF it up!

For best results;

 Turn inside out,  wash gentle cycle cold, or soak cold (there's a soak cycle in all washing machines)

 lay flat to dry.  they'll be stiff, so throw them in a low dryer (low) with some fabric softener sheets.

for 5 minutes or so. 

 You can dry-clean them if you must. Wear them a lot! Turn them inside out daily, throw them on the chair,

 just let them air out. 

When ever you wear them just mist (don't spray, soak or wet) just a fine mist is more than adequate on the critical areas 

(pouch, etc.) with an antimicrobial spray such as Febreeze. It will keep all the cooties at bay. 

We will have tons of different washes and denim care free. Meaning you can throw them under the car, 

run over them, go fishing, mudding, whatever and just throw them in with the towels to wash...but selvage takes a little more care. :)